Gold Corp School Spring Classic


Which School will Strike Gold

Gold Corp Miniature Golf Tournament.   Bring the best out of students with fun and Skill!   Which school will win this prestigous Award!

Seniors Spring Classic Tournament


Seniors Miniputt Tournament

This our 15th Year hosting the Seniors Miniputt Tournament .... Enjoy 2 games of Miniputt with your Friends 

Stars and Thunder Miniature Golf Tournament


Miniputt Tournament of Stars

Stars and Thunder Miniature Golf Tournment.    Come on out and Enjoy top musical talent while striving for a Championship Win

Summerfest miniature Golf Tournament


Under The Lights

Miniature Golf Tournament.     Played under the Lights      Cash and Prizes

The Master Tournament


Who will Take home The Jacket

Enjoy the Master Tournament .   Our favourite tournament.   Comprised of 3 Games and the Winner Takes home our Favourite Jacket and Cash

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