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School Bus

How to Book 

Decide if over a  100 Students
Decide if its a couple of Classes

If over a hundred kids
Make a Private School Party
9:30 till 2:30

We can Discuss an overall Price
That matches your Budget

Book your Class or Entire School
Make it a Day to Remember

Miniputt                           $7.25
Batting                             $3.00
Foam Pit                          $125/hr
Splish Splash                   Included
Water Balloons                $12    110 Balloons

Plenty of Seating Area      Food Available

Food Menu

Hotdogs                    $3.50
Hamburgers              $5.50
Available upon Request

SnowCones               $3.50
Pop/Water                 $2.25
Bags of Chips            $2.00
Always Available

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