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Miniputt Skins Game  $18,000 from the year of 1989

How does this work you may ask!   Select amount of people invest equal money and play as a group.  The winner of the hole gets the allocated money but if there is a tie , the dollars get added to the following hole.  Everyone plays all 18 Holes and money is distrubted to the holes an individual may of won or tied for!

Dm Recreation would Host such a tournament!   $500 Dollar  fee as an Example.  Max 50 Players.   Theres a win for each hole and for the 1st 9  and the Second 9 Holes.  Most Hole in Ones      I beleive this would create alot of interest if promoted correctly!

If you are interest please call 705 264 7888    Also keep in mind Season Passes are only $99.95   <Master the Course>

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